Major Works Completed

Quaker Maid Meats Plant #3

Reading, PA
Fall 2004
15,000 CY Earthwork
Storm Sewer to Depths of 23 Feet
13,000 SY Asphalt Paving
PENNDOT Road Widening (SR-0010)
45,000 SF Building Pad

Rivercrest Subdivision Phase 1

Tuckerton, PA
Spring 2005
Extensive Erosion Control
35,000 CY Earthwork
7,300 LF Sanitary Sewer to Depths of 22 Feet
24 Sanitary Manholes
4’ x 7’ x 63’ Box Culvert
5,100 LF Storm Sewer to Depths of 10 Feet,
55 Storm Sewer Structures
4,600 LF Water Main Various Sizes,
56 Water Services
9,000 LF Concrete Curbing
17,000 SY Asphalt Paving
Stoudts Ferry Bridge Road Reconstruction

Dover Air Force Base Hanger Project

Dover Air Force Base, Dover DE
Summer 2005
Earthwork for construction of new Cargo Airplane Hangar
200,000 CY of Earthwork

Laffayette Place Subdivision

Millersville, PA
Winter 2005
Extensive Erosion Control
65,000 CY Earthwork
10,000 SF Retaining Walls
Sanitary Sewer Pump Station
4,010 LF Gravity Sanitary Sewer
22 Sanitary Manholes
3,000 LF Sanitary Sewer Force Main
4,000 LF Storm Sewer to Depths of 16 Feet,
43 Storm Sewer Structures
3,500 LF Water Main, 47 Water Services
7,000 LF Curbing
19,4 00 SY Asphalt Paving
Extensive PENNDOT HOP Work (SR-0741)

Melrose Place Subdivision

Maidencreek Township, PA
Summer 2006
Extensive Erosion Control
140,000 CY Earthwork
6,300 LF Sanitary Sewer to Depths of 23 Feet
8,200 LF Storm Sewer sizes from 6” to 60” Diameter Pipe, 56 Structures
7,400 LF Water Main, 54 Water Services
8,600 LF Curbing
23,500 SY Asphalt Paving
PENNDOT HOP Work (SR-1010)

LillyField Subdivision PENNDOT Road Work

Sinking Spring, PA
Spring 2007
Wernersville Road Relocation, & Reconstruction
Erosion Control,
Miscellaneous Utility Installation
Asphalt Paving
PENNDOT HOP Work (SR-3016 Widening, Storm Sewer, Curbing, Asphalt Paving, Utility Installation)

Kutztown University Foundation Parking Lot

Kutztown, PA
Summer 2007
22,000 CY Earthwork for 5 acre Parking lot
3,650 LF Curbing
20,000 SY Stone Subbase
2 Underground Detention Basins
Basin A 4,100 LF of 24” HDPE
Basin B 2,000 LF of 36” HDPE
17 Precast Storm Structures
8,000 Cy of Fill Export

Brentwood Industries Polito Property

City of Reading, PA
6 Acres Clearing And Grubbing
Erosion Controls
25,000 CY Earthwork
PENNDOT HOP Work (SR 0010)
14 Acres seeding and Mulching