Our company owners like to keep things low key and are pretty humble guys even though they take pride in the services they provide and accomplishments they achieve.

So here, without the accompaniment of their own pictures, with a little arm-twisting they’ve graciously allowed us to post proof of their most recent awards in the news which speaks of the quality work they like to do consistently!

Without further ado:


And although no quality photo was available of their accolades earned in serving the public in the year 2014 below is a screenshot of the award slides during the banquet ceremony…

2014_contractor-of-the-year-a 2014_contractor-of-the-year-b

Plus a link here that takes you to the full PowerPoint presentation of the banquet where Barwis is named (pages 6 & 7) as the “Berks County conservation District Contractor of the Year

Unabashedly, we hope this unasked-for-acclaim provides enough incentive for you to trust us with your next project!

Recently Awarded Jobs: