Site Development

Once you have decided to procure our services, we will forward contracts to you and get the construction ball rolling. Barwis Construction LLC will now handle any required material submittals, as well as act as a liaison between you & the appropriate inspecting agencies. This is where we take a lot of burden off of project owners as we are not afraid to do the necessary leg work to keep your project rolling and on-schedule. It is also at this stage that you will be introduced to the Field Superintendent/ Foreman that will be overseeing the daily construction on your job. Questions or concerns about daily on-site operations may be addressed directly to these field managers, or with the estimator/project manager that you began the job with.

During the construction phase you may want to be very involved and appear on-site every day or you may wish to move on to other projects and allow us to do what you hired us for. We have worked with both types of clients and everything in between, and you can rest assured that, regardless of how much time you actually spend on the job, your project is running smoothly, safely, & efficiently when you hire Barwis Construction LLC.